i.MX25 PDK Board Flashing SPI NOR

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You can boot from SPI NOR Flash using the following procedure:


1 - Download ATK Release 1.7. The version ATK 1.7 can be downloaded here.

2 - Unzip file iMX_AdvancedToolKit_R170.zip into "C:\Program Files\freescale\AdvancedToolKit-STD\image\".


3 - Open the file "C:\Program Files\freescale\AdvancedToolKit-STD\config\ADSToolkit.cfg" and add the following lines:







4 - Set the SPI Boot Config on MX25PDK:  

SW22: no influence

SW21[1-8]: 11110010

BT_MEM_CTL[0:1] = 11 (Expansion)

BT_MEM_TYPE[0:1] = 11 (Serial ROM via SPI)

BT_PAGE_SIZE[0:1] = no influence

BT_BUS_WIDTH[0:1] = 10 (3-Address SPI (24-bit) Note: BT_BUS_WIDTH[0]=1, BT_BUS_WIDTH[1]=0


On Debug Board the red switches:

(SW5-SW10) = 000011 (0=off) 

Boot Config Switches (SW21, SW22) on Personality Board have no influence.


5 - Connect USB or Serial cable between Host PC and PDK and execute ATK


6 - Select USB/UART serial boot on MX25PDK and power on the board


7 - Configure ATK as following:

Device = i.MX25_TO1.1

device memory initial = DDR2

Communication channel: COMn (select the COM port on your PC)


Communication channel: USB

If you choose COM (serial UART connection) you MUST disconnect USB cable from OTG connector on i.MX25 PDK.


8 - Configure ATK "Flash Tool" as following:

Tick "Program"

Tick "Read Back Check"

Flash Model = SPI

Address = 0x0

Image = mx25_3stack_redboot_TO1_1.bin (same file as for NAND boot).

Same should be applicable to U-boot.


Note: SPI NOR Boot requires internal boot mode. On Debug Card all red switches must be off

(SW5-SW10) = 000000 (0=off).


Note: if booting from SPI NOR, Redboot needs approx 2 seconds before it shows messages on the console.