P1020/P1011 Hardware Specifications/Reference Manual Specific FAQs

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If unused, how do I terminate following pins in P1011/P1020: SDHC_DATA[0:2], SDHC_DAT3, SPI_CS[0:3]/SDHC_DAT[4:7] and SPI_CS0_B/SDHC_DATA4?

All the 3 pins SDHC_DATA[0:2], SDHC_DAT3 and SPI_CS[0:3]/SDHC_DAT[4:7] should be don't care if not used. Please leave SPI_CS0_B.SDHC_DATA4 as floating when not used.

I have designed my P1011 board based on the older hardware spec, and found that AVDD_CORE0 and AVDD_CORE1 were swapped in newer hardware spec. At this time, it is difficult to cut the pattern for the current AVDD_CORE1. So 1.0V power applied to AVDD_CORE1 though core 1 is not used. Does this cause any problem?

If AVDD_CORE1 is powered in single core device, there'll be no problem. But if AVDD_CORE0 is not powered in single core device, the device may not boot up.

How should I handle pin W26,F16 pins in P1020? Just let them "NC", or need connect them to AVdd?

If AVDD_CORE1 is not powered up i.e. connected to 1.0V, the single core p101x device cannot be boot up. Please implement the AVDD circuit at this stage.