Freescale Cup Motor Driver Board

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For details on how to use the Motors, visit theDC Motor Tutorial



Boards before 2013Current Board


Rev. 0Rev. 1

Technical Details

Revision 1 (Schematics, design files, sample code, instructional videos)

Revision 0 (Schematics)


H-Bridge Specifications

Freescale MC33931 Datasheet

Pro Tips:


#1 - Electro-Magnetic Interfence (EMI)

This has been mitigated in the rev. 1 board.

In many cases the dc drive motors give off much EM interference causing poor data from the camera, and decreasing the servo motor performance substantially. In most cases around a PWM value of 20-25 duty cycle at the drive motors, caused detrimental problems. This problem was remedied in two ways, (1) connecting capacitors between the motor leads, the closer to the drive motor the better; (2) There is a way to connect the camera directly to the kwikstik and bypass the motor board.


#2 - Rev. 0 Board workaround to Enable Braking

This has been fixed in the rev. 1 board.


In order to go forward AND backwards, you have to have control over IN1 and IN2 (see table below).


If you look at the schematic, you can see that IN1 is directly connected to GND. In order to enable breaking you need to lift pin 43, solder a wire to it and control it properly.


General Tutorial on the DC Motor Control

Qorivva: DC Motor Tutorial

Kinetis Tower: DC Motor Tutorial


Design evolution of motor board

prior to 2010 - Freescale Cup Cars utilized the MC33932EVB
2010~2012 - Freescale Cup teams migrated to the current Interface/Motor board featuring Dual H-Bridges
[Not manufactured] Tower and Trak Compatible Interface/Motor Control Board (Design files if you want to make one!)

2013+ - FRDM-KL25Z shield