Flash from File: Downloading a file without the sources

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Sometimes I only want to download a binary (.s19, .hex, .elf) without the need for the project and sources of it.

With the command line version of GDB you can do this, but there is as well a way in KDS to do this more interactively: Flash to File...


From the Run menu, select 'Flash from file...':


Flash from file.png

Then configure your connection (see KDS Debug Configurations (OpenOCD, P&E, Segger)).

Flash configuration.png

Beside of the settings in the Debugger Tab (which depends on the used debug interface (P&E, Segger, OpenOCD, see note1 below), you need to specify in the 'Main' tab two things:

  1. The name of the binary (e.g. elf file)
  2. A project name (see note2 below)




there is a current issue in KDS v1.0.1beta that P&E is not listed as Debugging Connection. This is expected to be fixed in KDS V1.1 (GA).



While the project is not really necessary, there is the issue in KDS v1.0.1beta that without a project name, you will get an error. So if you start with a new/empty workspace, you need to create a 'dummy' project first and to provide this as a project name.


Happy Flashing :-)

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