Using FRDM-K64F with P&E and Segger OpenSDAv2 Firmware

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The FRDM-K64F board comes with the mbed CMSIS-DAP firmware installed by default. CMSIS-DAP can be used with KDS using OpenOCD.

There are two alternative firmware files available for the FRDM-K64F (which runs OpenSDAv2 (which is different from the previous OpenSDAv1)):

  1. P&E OpenSDAv2 which emulates a P&E OpenSDA/Multilink
  2. Segger OpenSDAv2 which emulates a Segger J-Link


The Segger firmware is available on the Segger home page (see Segger J-Link Firmware for OpenSDAv2 | MCU on Eclipse).

The P&E firmware has not been released at the P&E web site yet, but is available attached to this document.


To install the firmware:

  1. Unpack the .bin file from the zip archive.
  2. Power the board with the OpenSDA USB port with the reset button pressed
  3. Release the reset button, the green LED shall blink.
  4. Copy the .bin file to the BOOTLOADER device, wait until the green LED flashes fast
  5. Re-power the board

Now you have your new P&E or Segger firmware loaded. In KDS use the P&E GDB server and select OpenSDA. For Segger select J-link.

See KDS Debug Configurations (OpenOCD, P&E, Segger) for details.

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