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How to activate watchdog timer test?

Question asked by Thomas Pohl on Nov 2, 2011




I am using the QorIQ P2020 processor with P2020RDB-PCA evaluation board and I want to test the MCPSUMR and RSTRSCR register flags. For this I try to make a software reset or to get a watchdog timer event.


At the linux kernel configuration I found the option "PowerPC Book-E Watchdog Timer Tester(only used as moduler)" but no man page to this option neither at the kernel help nor at the www.

Does anybody know how this option works or how I can use this option to make a watchdog timer test? Or doeas anybody know another option to activate a wotchdog event?


U-Boot reset, Linux reeboot or the reset button at the evaluation board have no effect at the registers I want to test.


Thank you very much for your help .