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CW10 and PE USB Multilink on Win7 x64

Discussion created by Terrence Henry on Oct 11, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2011 by Brad Gilliam

I am using a PE micro USB Multilink Interface for development on win7x64, and a MC9S08QE8 device.

I can successfully debug, breakpoint etc.


My problem is in trying to program the device, using the USB Multilink Interface.

I have tried the Simple Flash tool CW10, but it fails, so I used the Flash Programmer and set up a programming task, and it failed too.

The failed results are shown below:


fl::target -lc "MyAlarm_Using_USB_ML"
fl::target -b 0x0 0x0
fl::target -v off -l off -ie on -i "" -p MC9S08QE8
cmdwin::fl::device -d "MC9S08QE8_FLASH" -o "8kx16x1" -a 0xe000 0xffff
cmdwin::fl::erase all
 Beginning Operation ...   
Initializing remote connection ...   
Performing target initialization ...   
Device MC9S08QE8_FLASH   
Detect frequence ...  
Frequence 0 Khz  
 Erasing .............
Error:  Erase Command Failed.  Operation timeout. Protect violation error.
An invalid preference was passed to the GDI protocol plugin(HC GDI Protocol Adapter
Error: Device MC9S08QE8_FLASH


Has anybody successfully programmed a device with the PE micro USB Multilink Interface using CW 10?




CodeWarrior for MCU
Version: 10.1
Build Id:110204


PE Micro USB Multilink Interface

Rev C

USB HCS08/HCS12 MULTILINK detected - Flash Version 5.84


Win 7 64 bit


Thanks in advance. (tia)