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Pins for MK10DN512ZVLK10 are wrong?

Question asked by ScottW on Aug 30, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2011 by Processor Expert
I've created a project with the MK10DN512ZVLK10 CPU (The 80-pin K10), and the pinouts that I see in the "Target CPU" view don't match what is in the reference manual. I'm comparing against this document as the datasheet for the part: Document Number: K10P81M100SF2 Rev. 5, 5/2011 K10 Sub-Family Data Sheet Supports the following: MK10DN512ZVLK10, MK10DN512ZVMB10 Pins 1-61 match, and after that they are off by one. Pin 62 in the reference manual is labeled as PTC5 in Figure 29 (K10 80 LQFTP Pintout Diagram), but the view in the IDE shows pin 62 as PTC6. Pins 62-79 are all shifted down by one, and the missing PTC5 shows up as pin 80. I'm using CodeWarrior Eclipse v10.1 on Windows, and the files generated by the Processor Expert say this: This file was created by Processor Expert 5.1 [04.49] I'm using those pins as SPI communication, and since the SPI is working and the layout was done according to the datasheet, I am assuming it's Processor Expert that is incorrect about the pin assignments.