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License help Please. Codewarrior 7.2.2 for Coldfire

Discussion created by Tim Flynn on Aug 9, 2011
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I've removed & installed Coe warrior 7.2. Then installed 7.2.2 patch. But must have deleted my license file along the way.

I've been bringing up a new board using the Beans.


I contract Micrium to do a port of uC/OS-II to the MCF52259 with latest  uC/OS-II.


I need to get a license file, but ..

I belive I'm running the free one by default. It has a 128K limit, I believe. 

I tried to compile the project from Micrium & I get a Link Error : Size of application has exceeded the capacbility of this license.

But on the bottom of the project, is says 80 file - 41036 for Code & 8062 for data. 

My rough math says that is less than 128K! & less then 64K.

So why the error?


P.S. I'm in a mad panic to get code working,  what is the best thing to do? Who do I talk to?

Any help is appreciated.