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dsp56725 jtag scan error

Question asked by Marco Secondini on Apr 15, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2011 by Christian Langen

Hi all,

I'm fighting with a DSP56725 and the associated Symphony Studio configuration for on-chip debugging via openOCD.

I've tried every configuration found in Symphony, but with no success; I receive an error message like:


Error:   jtag.c:1156 jtag_validate_chain(): Error validating JTAG scan chain, IR mismatch, scan returned 0x03ff


I connected the oscilloscope and I see that DSP react to the requests of Jtag, so this is not an Hardware problem.

Perhaps it could be a software problem linked to ID identifier for DSP56725; so, have anyone of you  tried working with DSP56725?


Have you got any problem with the openOCD with Symphony Studio?