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double Rx interrupts on HCS08QG SCI

Question asked by Ton van Wissen on Mar 24, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2011 by Ton van Wissen

I have used the SCI intterface before and with succes but now it's nothing but trouble.

I'm expecting to receive 8 bytes, but every byte is received twice!

(when 'ABCDEFGH' is sent, 'AABBCCDD' is received.


Please give me some advise. I'm using the interrupt routine below:



__interrupt void isrVscirx(void)
   RxBuf[RcvCount] = SCID;    // store in buffer
   if (RcvCount==RXMAXBYTES) {    
     AsuroDataValid = TRUE;       
     RcvCount =0;                 
     SCIC2_RE =0;
     SCIC2_RIE =0;        
   (void) SCIS1;      // reset flag



Thank you.