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P&E releases OSBDM design build v29.04

Question asked by Zahar Raskin on Mar 9, 2011

Hello All,


The latest OSBDM build version 29.04 has been released by P&E Microcomputer Systems. It includes Firmware/Drivers source files, circuit diagrams, BOMs, virtual serial port and firmware update utilities as well as a design guide. The latest OSBDM firmware and drivers support new features such as automatic firmware update (under Codewarrior 10.1 and newer), virtual serial port and trim for HCS08/RS08/CFV1 devices.


OSBDM build version 29.04 includes embedded support for HCS08, RS08, Coldfire V1, Coldfire V234, Kinetis ARM, HC(S)12(X), DSC, and Qorivva MPC55xx/56xx Freescale architectures.


To download the latest OSBDM design package and learn more about this embedded hardware interface, please go to:


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