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help, bootloader problems !

Question asked by hh lui on Nov 1, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2010 by hh lui

Hi sir,



how can i place the  Start08.c in to bootloader ?


  _Copy    *toCopyDownBeg 0xEA9B  << why that statment be inside  the rom1 ?







=================MAP ============================


Entry point: 0xF87B (_Startup)
_startupData is allocated at 0xF884 and uses 6 Bytes
extern struct _tagStartup {
  unsigned nofZeroOut     1
  _Range   pZeroOut       0x100     513
  _Copy    *toCopyDownBeg 0xEA9B
} _startupData;




==========================prm ========================


/* This is a linker parameter file for the mc9s08jm8 */

NAMES END /* CodeWarrior will pass all the needed files to the linker by command line. But here you may add your own files too. */

SEGMENTS /* Here all RAM/ROM areas of the device are listed. Used in PLACEMENT below. */
    Z_RAM                    =  READ_WRITE   0x00B0 TO 0x00FF;
    RAM                      =  READ_WRITE   0x0100 TO 0x04AF;
    RAM1                     =  READ_WRITE   0x1860 TO 0x195F;
    ROM                      =  READ_ONLY    0xE000 TO 0xF7FF;
    Bootloader               =  READ_ONLY    0xF800 TO 0xFFAF;
    //Bootloader               =  READ_ONLY    0xFA00 TO 0xFFAF;
     //Bootloader               =  READ_ONLY    0xF800 TO 0xFFAD;
    ROM1                     =  READ_ONLY    0xFFC0 TO 0xFFC3;
 /* INTVECTS                 =  READ_ONLY    0xFFC4 TO 0xFFFF; Reserved for Interrupt Vectors */

PLACEMENT /* Here all predefined and user segments are placed into the SEGMENTS defined above. */
    DEFAULT_RAM                         /* non-zero page variables */
                                        INTO  RAM,RAM1;
//    _PRESTART,                          /* startup code */
//    STARTUP,                            /* startup data structures */
    ROM_VAR,                            /* constant variables */
    STRINGS,                            /* string literals */
    VIRTUAL_TABLE_SEGMENT,              /* C++ virtual table segment */
    COPY                                /* copy down information: how to initialize variables */
                                        INTO  ROM; /* ,ROM1: To use "ROM1" as well, pass the option -OnB=b to the compiler */
    Bootloader_ROM                     INTO  Bootloader;
    _DATA_ZEROPAGE,                     /* zero page variables */
    MY_ZEROPAGE                         INTO  Z_RAM;