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Weird Baud rate change in HCS08

Discussion created by Seemantini Majgaonkar on Oct 29, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2010 by Seemantini Majgaonkar

Hello All,


I am new to Codewarrior and HCS08.  A part of my project is to use the UART on the HCS08 mc and send data to hyperterminal on PC through bluetooth via bluesmirf module. The weird problem that I am facing is that, I am expecting the baud rate to be 9600bps. However, when I first program the mc using the IDE link, the data on hyperterminal is correct. However, if I switch off the mc and start it again, the baud rate changes and garbage values are sent to the hyperterminal.

The UART init code has been included in the System init function. I am not able to troubleshoot this problem.


I also tried seeing  the output on oscilloscope and the baud rate change is visible on it. I do not understand why the baud rate setting changes?


Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!