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How to program M52223EVB using Multi-Link with CW10 (and MQX3.6)

Question asked by Michael Predko on Aug 6, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2010 by Michael Predko

Hi Folks,


I'm having problems with not being able to program code into a M52223EVB using the Multi-Link connection.  I'm using the release version of CW10 and the latest MQX build. 


When I try to program an application using "Flash File to Target" (even just an empty project for Debug), I get the message:



Initializing remote connection ...

Performing target initialization ...


Error: Connect Failed.

Can't connect. Can't load GDI dll - System error:The specified module could not be found.

. (ColdFire GDI Protocol Adapter)

Error: command failed


This seems to indicate that CW is not attempting to access the correct programmer hardware.  I have spoken to my FAE and he got the response:


"To solve this issue the launch configuration needs to be reconfigured by opening the LCD (launch config dialog) and choosing again the connection. This action will reset the previous settings."


I have tried to find the "LCD" and haven't had any luck in getting the connection back. 


Could somebody please outline the steps I should take to a) find the LCD and b) selecting the correct programmer?


Thanx - this is really appreciated,