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MC9RS08KA2 Newbie I need to declare a far array C language CodeWarrior

Question asked by ROBERTO BERNER on Jul 22, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2010 by CompilerGuru

Hello friends.

Can anybody tell me how to declare a


static const char array[10] C, for KA2 chip ?

The linker is complaining with an L1023 ... "L1023: Object array spans multiple pages"

I remember this happens also with QE128 when the paged memory boundaries are exceeded.

I don't think that the same sintax could be used for KA2.

Do I also have to add some segment declaractions for the linker .prm file ?

I can't find any C examples for accessing an array this way. The AN3266 gives assembler examples but are not enough.

The online help in

just gives the definition for far pointers.


Thanks in advance