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Internal Error with arrays on XGATE

Question asked by Ole Bonin on Jul 2, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2010 by CompilerGuru

Hi there,


i have a ringbuffer in shared data segment so both cpu and XGATE can access it :


typedef struct
  unsigned char in;
  unsigned char out;
  unsigned int buffered;
  unsigned int timerOvrFl;
  unsigned char data[256];

} rBuffer;

rBuffer ring_buffer;

 In the cpu code the instruction[];




works fine, but when i try the same on XGATE i get a error popup:


Internal Error #601in c:\......\ccpp.cpp while compiling xgate.cxgate, please report to freescale.


a workaround is :;[in];



but since timing is critical i cant afford the extra operation.


I´m using version 4.5 and a 9S12XDP512


Does anyone know a solution?