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microcontroller to microcontroller communication

Discussion created by iftekhar hasan on Jul 1, 2010
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dear sir/madam;


i had communicated Freescale MC9S08AW60 to PCsuccessfully  but in second application  unable to communicate with microcontroller PIC 18f452


In this application

Mc9s08AW60 is unable  to get data from microchip PIC 18f452 where as it is able to send data to PIC 18f452


Points already covered by me.


1.> Software is same which is communicating  from PC. ( hence all setting are same as well as all initialisation what we are using in PC communication )


2.> IC MAX232 ( In case of PC communication ) is removed and RX and TX are connected to each other.


3.> Transmission had gone through properly.


4.> unable to get data from microcontroller. 


I request a fast feedback .it will be highly appreciated.