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infinite loop inside an interrupt

Discussion created by Karthik Sukumar on Apr 11, 2010
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Hi guys,


I was experimenting with my QG8 micro the other day and was using the ADC. So below is a piece of code i used to make a VCO(voltage controlled oscillator) which increases the frequency of blinking of the LED.  I got the result I wanted for low frequencies but at higher frequencies the pattern is not right. So I wanted to know what sort of effect an infinite loop in an interrupt has on the MCU?


Any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks guys



__interrupt void isrVadc_complete(void)

 unsigned int set_time; 

 unsigned int ADC_val; 

 unsigned int count = 0;


for( ;; ) 


ADC_val = ADCRL;   

set_time = ADC_val * 256;                              


if(count == set_time)



else if( count > set_time) 

  {count=0; }