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Manage 3 SPI device with MQX3.4

Question asked by Elco Elettronica on Mar 16, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2010 by Petr MacHala


I'm using MCF52259 with the MQX3.4.

In my  application there are 3 SPI devices which are connected to MCF52259, and each device has its own chip select pin(QSPI_CS0, QSPI_CS2, QSPI_CS3).

Now I've created an ISR where,for each device, I put the data in a buffer, I set the correct chip select, and then start the communication with the SPI.

This method it's working good, but I think I can increase the performance doing only one comunication.

So my question is: can I set a queue of data that are send on different chip select automatically by the SPI?


Thanks in advice