Peimeng Chang

68332 to CodeFire code migration issue in assembly language

Discussion created by Peimeng Chang on Mar 4, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2010 by yevgenit

I am using CodeWarrior for MCF5234 uP and migrating the 68332’s code to CodeFire. [Question] What is the comment practice/guideline for 68K to coldFire migration? Use both of the PortASM-68K converter and CF68KLibin? If so, then I have a big problem now. After the PortASM-68K conversion, there are some more assembly errors such as

"Error : undefined identifier 'a6' " for asm("movea.l (s,a6),a1"); Perhaps, CF68KLibin may be able to solve this but I can't use the CF68KLibin since it only applicable for ColdFire V3 & V4 whereas my processor is MCF5234 V2… What should I do? Can anyone advice on this?:smileymad: Thanks in advance...