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ColdFire MDF52259C Bootloader with Processor Expert

Question asked by Cristian Pena on Jan 28, 2010
Latest reply on May 18, 2011 by Mark Gotobed



    I'm working on a generic Bootloader based on the AN3927. I've carefully followed the steps to modify the project: made a new vectors table and forced it to possition zero in the flash, errased the flash protection configurations, modified the LCF file (I had to freeze the Processor expert for that), added parser, usr_entry and bootloader files, added the USER_ENTRY MARK with the NOP and JMP at the correct location. The software copies the firmware vector table in ram and changes the VBR.

   After all this changes, I still was able to compile it and make it. I downloaded it to the flash but when I try to run it with the debugger I get 

          Memory write verify failure

        Memory write to address 0x357aef6 failed to verify: expected value 0x40d, actual value 0. Retry?


I used to get error messages like that when I forgot to make the project with the last modifications and flashed the device. I don't get programming nor blank check errors.



  Any idea that could help??


Thank you!


Cristian Pena