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ZigBee Pro is not compatible with MC13213...

Discussion created by Simone Vitucci on Nov 27, 2009
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Hi everybody, I'm using in my home application the MC13213 single-chip,BeeStack ZigBee 2007 with codeBase 3.0.2. My project started in 2008 and now unfortunately I can't change this single-chip on my board.

The codebase 3.0.2 has many bugs for network routing ..some of these bugsare resolved by codeBase 3.0.6 ZigBee Pro but it is not compatible with MC13213.


For all customer that have choosed MC13213 it is impossibile to use codeBase 3.0.6 ZigBee Pro.

My question to Freescale is :

Why does not Freescale make a chip MC13213 pin-to-pin compatible with ZigBee Pro?

And now what should i do for my project???

Someone has any suggestions??


Thanks to every body