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TOD and STOP2 on HCS08LL16

Question asked by Jeff Krueger on Nov 5, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2009 by Jeff Krueger

I'm trying to use the HCS08LL16 to periodically wake from STOP2 using the time-of-day (TOD) module.  It appears to sleep for 1 second the first time, but all remaining times only sleeps for about 200uS.  Yes, I have port B bit 2 configured as an input and pullup enabled before entering STOP2.  Yes, I check for PPDF after reset to determine if reset was due to wake from STOP2. Yes, I'm restoring port config before writing PPDACK.


I have this implemented and working on the QE128 (using RTC) , but cannot get to work on the LL16 (using TOD).


Anyone out there with an example or tips?