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MCF5223x STOP Modes

Discussion created by Tom Moulton on Oct 27, 2009
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While running my code without any Power Down Mode changes I am running at about 25C above the surrounding air.


I would like to have it run cooler.


My FAE suggested going into WAIT or DOZE mode (STOP Modes) which disables SRAM, Flash, Core waiting for a Wake Up (Interrupt etc)


I found the point in the task switcher where it scans the take list and if it finds none, I do the following:

// We have gone through the entire list (again), let's DOZE until we get an INT   MCF_CIM_LPCR = MCF_CIM_LPCR_LPMD_WAIT;   tk_stop_mode();



and tk_stop_mode is:



_tk_stop_mode:   stop  #0x2000   rts

I have look around a little and have not found any examples of using the stop modes.


Anyone have code snippets they can share?


Mark does uTasker support DOZE mode?

(It seems to use most every other feature of the chips)