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iMX 35 PDK - APM6628 BT/WiFi Combo chip

Question asked by Manikandan Palanimuthu on Sep 15, 2009
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I am using a iMX35 PDK and trying to bring up the BT/WiFi combo chip APM6628. I verified all the components and loaded the latest bluez utilities. I used 'hciattach' to get attached to BT via UART. This successfully creates 'hci0' device and using 'hciconfig' i am able to bring the device up and running. But when i try to enquire the nearby devices using 'hcitool inq', i am getting a time out error always.


Instead of using the bluez utils, if i use the CSR demo programs from BSP, the chips works fine. The demo program is able to inquire the near by devices. Does the APM 6628 chip needs a firmware load? or am i missing some init sequence?.


Thanks for your help.