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Unhandled Interrupt vector 0x9f (159)

Question asked by Francesco North on Jun 17, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2013 by lumi
I'm using an MCF52259 and getting the following error being printed out by MQX.
Vector #: 636  0x27c
Offset  : 159  0x9f
Task Id: 0x10005 Td_ptr 0x1000bc80 Stack Frame: 0x100006f8
Interrupt_nesting level: 2   PC: 0x000006ea   SR: 0x2204
Then a crash.
Looking at the MCF52259 (16-15) manual the in use vectors stop at 153 (BOFF_INT)
So what's 159?
I would install a handler if I could find out what the interrupt was for.
BTW I am using the FlexCAN module and CAN messages are being received at the time. So I suspect it is something to do with that!