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EVB9S12XF512E RTI not generated

Question asked by Rohit Ramakrishnan on Jun 14, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2020 by Diana Batrlova
Development board:          EVB9S12XF512E 
Target Processor:           MC9S12XF512MLM
Operating system:           N.A.
Debug Protocol:              BDM
Additional Info:            P&E micro USB multilink interface
Following the steps of EVB9S12XF512E User Manual, I have successfully opened and flashed the example project 'EVB9S12XF512E_Node1_LS.mcp' thru the debug mode. I can observe the LED indicator D26 toggling when switch SW2 is pressed. But LED indicators D22, D27, and D29 are NOT sequentially turned on at 1 s interval (as mentioned in the startekite document). On placing a breakpoint inside 'Scheduler_RTI_Isr' in 'Scheduler.c', I observed that the program never reaches the breakpoint which means the real-time interrupt is not generated. This an example program from the CD provided with the Kit with no changes. But the breakpoint in 'External_XIRQ_Isr' is reached while executing the code, this is expected as the toggling of LED D26 is observed with the pressing of SW2.
Hence for some reason RTI is not generated and the respective ISR (which has scheduler code) is not executed. The only difference in the procedure i followed and as written in the manual is that I'm using CW for HC(S)12x, Version 5.1 (which was provided in the Kit CD and updated to CW 5.9.0) whereas the document mentions the code is intended for CodeWarrior Development Studio for HC12X, version 4.6. with Why would the real-time interrupt not be generated? Does the CW version difference have any issue? I think there is an issue clock settings in the example code being specific to another core? 
Thank you for your time. Radek Sestak, requesting help.
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