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T2081 CPU frequency configuration

Question asked by Abhijit Pethkar on Jun 10, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2020 by ufedor

We are facing an issue of wrong configuration of T2081 Processor and this issue is intermittent.


Whenever our custom board is powered ON the Processor configures itself with the RCW in the NOR flash. We have configured 1200MHz CPU frequency in the RCW. UART interface is programmed for 115200 baud rate. When the UART interface comes up with 115200 baud rate we are able to see the CPU is configured for 1200MHz of CPU frequency.

Sometimes at power ON the UART is not able to configure at 115200 baud rate and the screen shows junk information. At this point if the RS232 at the PC end is configured for 57600 baud rate I am able to see the display with CPU frequency configured for 2400MHz.

And this change in CPU frequency occurs only at power ON. Once the Processor is configured for a particular frequency and I assert the Poreset pin the same frequency is maintained constantly.

Can someone help me in knowing why and where the configuration is changing on the board?

I am sending the Linux logs for the CPU configured for 1200MHz and 2400MHz frequency as attachment.