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Function phhalHw_Pn5180_WaitIrq() hangs in do-while loop forever until the TAG is in range

Question asked by Marcin Baliniak on Jun 5, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2020 by IvanRuiz

We are using PN5180 in our few products and it is working fine on most of them. But recently we found an issue with function phhalHw_Pn5180_WaitIrq() - our application hangs in do/while loop.
The situation is a bit strange because it occurs only when a tag is not in the field, but if I put the tag in the range of the antenna the application ends the loop and moves one, but of course, it is not good behavior.

We found also that if we turn off the DPC situation happens less often. But we monitor power provided to the chip and it is fine so the power is not a problem. Also chips sims to work fine because when tad is detected application exit the loop.

We are working on NXPlib v5.12 and PN5180 has firmware 3.5.

Do you know a solution for this? We can try to switch to the latest NXP lib but it is time consuming because of the platform we are using, and also we are using this lib for three years in many different products and it was stable and working fine.



Marcin Baliniak.