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How to add kernel parameter?

Question asked by Tuan Nguyen on Apr 27, 2020
Latest reply on May 4, 2020 by Tuan Nguyen

Hi experts,

I want to use the on-chip board Wifi QCA6174 of IMX8M Quad Evk Kit. I'm using yocto to build my distro fsl-imx-xwayland, kernel 4.9.88-2.0.0 (rocko)

Following release notes document "For i.MX 8MQuad, it needs to add kernel parameter
"pci=nomsi" to support Murata 1CQ Wi-Fi". But i didn't find the way to add it. 

Can you tell me how I can solve this problem and the steps for using the wlan chip QCA6174? Thank you.


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