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MX6ULL OTG not working

Question asked by Ranjith Kumar on Mar 30, 2020
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We are using customized i.MX6ULL board. We are using OTG1 interface as serial download interface and also we are trying to connect OTG cable to that port. We are having one power switch to enable the 5V to uUSB port for which the enable signal is coming from OTG1_PWR signal. At first when we checked the dts file there was no muxing option for the OTG1_PWR and OTG1_OC pin. At this configuration when we changed the status of the OTG1_PWR signal to logic HIGH via the gpio application in U-boot and then boot the board, we are able to detect the pen drive connected to the uUSB port via the OTG cable. When we had muxed both the pins in Kernel and U-boot dts files, the OTG1_PWR signal was always logic HIGH and we can't control that signal via the gpio application in U-boot. After the board boots up also the, even though uUSB is getting 5V power supply the USB devices connected to the port is not getting detected at all.

So is there a way to specify in the dts file the logic levels for that signal like ACTIVE_HIGH/LOW?