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LS2088A - Voltage Identification (VID) Controller Requirements

Question asked by Victor Hernandez on Feb 28, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2020 by Bulat Karymov

I working on a power supply to provide the power for a LS2088A, and I am trying to understand the Voltage Identification (VID) controller requirements.


I see from the data sheet and there is a requirement on the accuracy of ±30 mV, so:


  • Does that mean that if the VID Voltage is set to 1.025-V it would be OK to operate at 0.995-V even though it overlaps with other VID Voltage (namely 1.000-V)?


I am also curious about timing requirements, once LS2088A "requests" a change in the VID Voltage:


  • Is there a timing requirement expectation for the transition from one VID Voltage to another?


Finally, I am curious about Voltage Identification (VID) in general - Is that an Industry Standard that you follow? or is the VID specific to NXP and/or the given device (e.g. LS2088A)