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Documentation on interrupt handling (MC1321x)

Question asked by Andrey Polonsky on Apr 2, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2009 by Davide Munari

I am having difficulty handling interrupts in my MC13212 and I'd like a pointer to some document describing how to do it.  I tried to follow the help section of CodeWarrior, which seemed very helpful, but the codes does not work. 


For example, it seems that to have a push button trigger a KBI event one needs to only enable the KBI functionality by setting KBISC and KBIPE appropriately and have the following to show that the interrupt happened:


interrupt 22 void PB_interrupt(void)


    //light led here that will stay lit to show that code executed



I am trying not to modify the prm file as I don't understand what it does.  Any pointer to documentation on that would also be appreciated.


Thanks for your help,