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I2S vs PCM interface

Question asked by Alessandro Piscozzo on Feb 13, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2020 by Jimi Lin

Hi all,


I've always considered the I2S interface as a synchronised bus meant to transmit audio content in PCM format.


Now.. in my project I need to interface a GSM modem to the i.MX8 MQ processor.


All (not only one) the datasheets of all the GSM modems that I've been considering refer to their audio interface as PCM (not I2S).

Signals seem different (although similar). The PCM interface doesn't differentiate between L and R channel and the sync signal only provides synchronisation between successive samples. 


GSM modem audio interface signals (PCM interface)



is it possible to configure the SAI in the iMX8 MQ processor to communicate with this standard? 

Not interested in details. For now I'd only need the name of the configuration that NXP uses to identify this standard (I2S, Codec/DSP modes, TDM, etc.).


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