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MKW41Z troubles using MWS module for BLE and 802_15_4 coexistence on same IC

Question asked by vanaja guduru on Jan 29, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2020 by Estephania Martinez

Hi everyone,

I have a question about the co-existence of the BLE and 802_15_4. I am using MKW41Z microcontroller with IAR. I am able to switch radio from the BLE to 802_15_4 and vice versa through MWS module. 

  • At start, both BLE and 802_15_4 layers are initialized and the MWS default callbacks defined in BLE Link Layer and 802_15_4 Link Layer are both registered with MWS_Register() API.
  • The 802_15_4 configuration is  ZIGBEE_MODE mode at 250kbps datarate. BLE config is the default and only allowed BLE_MODE at 1Mbps datarate.
  • In my application, If have a 802_15_4 packet to send out/Rx from other device , then I am going to acquire XCVR through MWS_Acquire(gMWS_802_15_4_c,false) API. Once I am done with Tx/Rx then I am calling MWS_release(gMWS_802_15_4_c).
  • Similarly,I configured BLE advertisement interval as 250ms.  
  • I am able to connect to BLE device through android application &able to send/receive gatt data. This BLE communication happens only when i call MWS_SignalIdle() functions every 250ms.


  • My question is,

Why the BLE LL never acquires the radio module if the 802_15_4 LL doesn't call a MWS_SignalIdle() constantly?