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WL1837 and Android Pie (9.0) for i.MX6

Question asked by Benjamin Rood on Jan 15, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2020 by Wigros Sun


We have a custom-designed tablet that is using the TI WL1837MOD WiFi/BlueTooth transceiver module.  The tablet currently runs Android Nougat (7.1.1) and we are currently working on an upgrade to Android Pie (9.0) using the NXP Android Pie BSP for the i.MX6Q applications processor.


Since Android Oreo (8.0), the Android platform has switched to using HIDL ( to interface the vendor HAL definitions into the Android framework.  During our work to bring up Android Pie (9.0) on our platform, we have discovered that there is no such vendor HIDL/HAL definition for the TI WL1837MOD, and therefore we are having difficulties in integrating the module with Android Pie (9.0).  I have noticed that there are other wireless chip manufacturers (ex: Broadcom/Qualcomm) that provide the necessary libraries, and am wondering if such a library exists and, if so, where to get it as I would like to try and avoid having to implementing this library ourselves or doing something hacky.


The interface that needs to be implemented is located in platform/hardware/libhardware_legacy/include/hardware_legacy/wifi_hal.h (