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RT1064 Flashloader and Internal ROM and Flash.

Question asked by ChoonGyeong Lee on Dec 14, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2020 by Paul Roberts

I am developing RT1064 using IAR.

Please check below, Is it possible or not.


1. Flashloader into Internal using JLINK.

2. My App into internal flash using flashloader.

3. My App using Internal Flash and internal ROM.


Boot sequence are below

1. Power on

2. Flashloader on the internal ROM

3. 1 seconds timeout then jump to My App from Internal flash.



1. I can't find the IAR linker file which use internal flash(4MB) and internal RAM(1MB).

2. I found the flashloader example. Is it possible download to internal ROM(128KB).

3. Is it possible boot from internal ROM.

4. if possible boot from internal ROM, then jump to internal flash. is it possible ?