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Compile code with hybride GNU C and C++ Toolchain

Question asked by PRATIK PANCHAL on Dec 11, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2019 by PRATIK PANCHAL


I'm working with the imxrt1062 custom board.
I have a imxrt1062xxxA SDK.
SDK version : 2.6.2 , Manifest version : 3.5.0.
IDE: MCUXpresso 11
Currently, I'm using two SDK (1) evkmimxrt1060_tensorflow_lite_kws

                                            (2) lwip_mqtt_freertos
(1) evkmimxrt1060_tensorflow_lite_kws working in GNU C++ toolchain.
(2) lwip_mqtt_freertos working in GNU C toolchain.


I want to integrate evkmimxrt1060_tensorflow_lite_kws code in lwip_mqtt_freertos but due to the GNU toolchain confliction issue my code does not compile and getting an error (PFA) and I'm a newbie to work with MCUXpresso.

So, kindly suggest to me How could I integrate code and compile with both GNU C and C++ toolchain?
also, suggest to me which and where changes are reflecting.

Thank you.
Pratik Panchal