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S32K142 CAN frame error

Question asked by David JIANG on Dec 11, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2019 by David JIANG


The frame error is generated frequently when I use S32K142 CAN0.  I configure the CAN0 & clock by PE in the attachment(figure 1 & 2).


BTW, the additional configuration as follows:

1. GPIO: PE5 - TX; PE4 - RX;

2. Mailbox for reception: Only use RX FIFO for reception:  MB0 ~ MB7 is used;

   Mailbox for transmission: MB8 for the broadcasting message; MB9 for other messages(not used yet)


The frame error always occurs in the ACK field(reception) & EOF field(both reception & transmission). please check it in the attachment(figure 3 & 4).


So what's the root cause? Is there something wrong with the peripherals configuration?

Thanks a lot!