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S32K146 of SPI send by SDK failed  

Question asked by Mr Song on Nov 26, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2020 by 张 舜毅

i used spi through SDK to send data but failed if the txbuffer was set large(such as 600 bytes) and rxbuffer was set NULL.  and if the txbuffer was set smaller(such as 2 bytes) ans rxbuffer was set NULL ,it's valid . here's how i tired to send it


    . failed (Txbuffer set 600 bytes ,and rxbuffer set NULL)



    . successed (Txbuffer set 2 bytes ,and rxbuffer set NULL)


    . successed (Txbuffer set 600 bytes ,and rxbuffer set 600 Bytes)


i saw the SDK said "receiveBuffer Pointer to the buffer where the received bytes are stored. If you pass NULL
* for this parameter, the received bytes are ignored" and i don't need the rxbuffer either ,if i use step3 (③) to send ,this will take up a lot of memory .


hope to resolve this question soon . 

Best wishes .