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MC1322x Freescale Combo device - How does it work?

Question asked by Sowmya Radhakrishnan on Mar 17, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2009 by Franz Werner

Hi, I have the MC1322x Freescale Zigbee Development kit with me. I have been trying to understand the Freescale Combo device and how it works.


Here are my questions:


1. Is there a document available giving details on combo device and how it works?


2. How does the combo device actually do the run time change from router, coordinator or end device. When I selected "Combo" as device type in Beekit, and flashed the code, my device could act like a coordinator (if no network is around) but it could act as a router upon startup(when a network is already present, it is not able to join it).I had to change the code to get it to join (by setting the zigbee preferred device type as router). I am confused!


3. Is there a way in the s/w to detect if the device is running on mains or battery? I know that there is a way we can configure the default settings, but let's say I configured default setting as "mains" and I actually have both mains and battery in my device, so i decided to make my device run in battery, how is the run time decision on battery or mains done? - The reason I am asking this is because depending on whether it is mains or battery, I want my device to act as router or end device.


Please provide clarity.


Thank you very much,