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Convert KMS to MCAT project

Question asked by vegard on Nov 18, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2019 by Peter Schrijnewerkers

I've nearly finished developing an application with custom HW+FW based on Kinetis Motor Suite, and before moving onto production of larger quantities I see now that KMS support is discontinued. 


I downloaded the AN12374 package and managed to get a running project fairly quickly using the MCAT tool. However, I'm struggling with getting the motor to run properly, for instance the motor stops when transitioning from startup to spin. Is there any way to easily convert the parameters used in the KMS project to similar parameters used by MCAT, or could you assist me in converting my project? The MCU I'm using is MKV31F256VLH12P, and KMS project is sensorless hall start. 


Also, will you add support for field weakening operation?