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Storing user data to QSPIFlash running in XIP

Discussion created by venu chekuri on Nov 10, 2019
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I trying to store user data to QSPI Flash(IS25LP128F) after code area which is connected to IMXRT1050. My application is running from flash in XIP mode.


I tried the solutions( ) and reference code( ). Reference from flexspi_rww.c implementation  iam able to read vendorid(flexspi_nor_get_vendor_id(EXAMPLE_FLEXSPI, &vendorID)),Entering into Quad mode( flexspi_nor_enable_quad_mode(EXAMPLE_FLEXSPI)),Erase sector(flexspi_nor_flash_erase_sector(FLEXSPI,SECTOR)) in single step mode while debugging but in free flow of application run the application is crashing.


is what iam trying is there any other solution. 


Note : Iam trying to use same QSPI Flash chip to store both application code and  user data storing.