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56F803 and external data memory

Question asked by Qiao Ting on Mar 13, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2009 by Le Jianrui

I'm using SDK2.4 for DSP56F803.I want to erase,write and read the data from external data memory(SST39VF1601) through the data and address bus.But the returned data always 0xFFFF.Is there any error?


  ORC #$0008,OMR
  MOVE #$AA,X:$5555
  MOVE #$55,X:$2AAA
  MOVE #$A0,X:$5555
  MOVE #$0E,X:$0024

  MOVE X:$0024,A
  MOVE A,Data


THANKS.Another problem:can I see the data in the external data memory by the codeworrior windows?