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LPC55S66 : how-to get reset reason and etc.

Question asked by Eugene Hiihtaja on Oct 23, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2019 by Alice_Yang

Hello !


Just few question about LPC55S66 what are not clear from specifications.


1. Does it possible to identify reset reason of MCU ? 

  In K82 it was possible to identify what was reason of boot :

  cold reset, sw reset, watchdog reset or external pin reset.


2. All FLEXCOMM interfaces mentioned to be supports USART and any USART can be configured like UART

   without any problem ? I can see one bit in configuration but ...


3. In one page mentioned that programm flash has page size 256 bytes - other 512 bytes.

   I think internal flash has minimal erasable unit as 512 bytes and with activated PRINCE module

   I can erase/write flash memory on fly without any problem.


 Erase/write time is quite long and what is MCU execution behaviour in this case ? It is stall ?

And I should wait end of operation in SRAM memory loop ?

How it can effect Core1 if Core0 update some flash pages ?

Should Core 1 is also execute code from SRAM if Core 0 erase/write program memory ?


What is also not so clear if Core0 and Core1 execute code from the same SRAM/Flash memory  ?

Or SRAM banks should be different and flash memory resized some how ?


4. Basically any GPIO pin can be used for wakeup Core 0 from Power-down mode if

   this pin is added to GINT0 or 1 group.


5. What exact means WAKEUP_FLEXCOMM3 support ?

   For example SPI wakeup due clock eghe on SCK line and etc.

  But wakeup of MCU from Power-down mode take > 300 us and some SPI data might be lost already.

 Or how so long wakeup time is handled by FLEXCOMM controller ?


6. Is any limitation for some peripherals/memory how the can be resized between Core0 and Core1 ?

   Or just access right like secure/NS/Priv/nonPri is define accesses ?


Thank you !