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How to use the makefile to build the XGATE application?

Question asked by SimonZhu on Mar 9, 2009
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I plan to use the makefile (batch mode) to build my XGATE application. First I create my project by using the CodeWarrior IDE's new project wizard and it works. Then I try to port it to the batch mode by manually creating the makefile, but it always failed. Because I didn't make any change to the source code, so I think there should be something that IDE has done for me.


Attached pls find my projects, one is "XGATE_IDE" which can work on the freescale's demo board DEMO9S12XEP100 (I use the PIT0 interrupt in the XGATE module and control the LED to flash). The other project is "XGATE_MakeFile" which failed to compile.




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