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K64F Enabling and Disabling USB while File Transfer is happening

Question asked by Mahendran Manoharan on Aug 30, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2019 by Sabina Bruce



I have some challenges in USB connection /disconnection through firmware.


For stopping USB MSC:



For Restarting USB MSC:

g_msc.speed = USB_SPEED_FULL;
g_msc.attach = 0;
g_msc.mscHandle = (class_handle_t)NULL;
g_msc.deviceHandle = NULL;
USB_DeviceClassInit(CONTROLLER_ID, &msc_config_list, &g_msc.deviceHandle);



I presently implemented the above code and the code work perfectly fine when there is no transfers happening. I created a scenario by copying a huge file to the K64F USB drive. When the file is being copied, I tried to disable the USB functionality. USB functionality disconnected successfully. But after that, program execution and stuck in an infinite loop of 

file:          usb_device_ehci.c

function:      USB_DeviceEhciCancel() 

line:                  while (ehciState->registerBase->EPFLUSH & primeBit).


I tried a little bit more also by disabling/enabling clock, SD card and interrupt in a proper sequence. But still the same result. Is there a way, I can connect and disconnect the USB functionality like a normal USB Drive even if there are any transfers happening?


Surprisingly, I tried disconnecting and connecting the USB cable (used for MSC) again while the transfer is made. There were no issues at all. It worked the way that everyone would expect.


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