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Can I change the LPC4357 USB0 host mode asynchronous schedule's sleep time?

Question asked by Michael Randle on Aug 27, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2019 by Michael Randle

In my USB0 HOST implementation, I have a single transfer descriptor with an IN transaction in one of the queue heads and no other active transfers.  The device NAKs the transfer and the host controller sleeps the asynchronous scheduler for 10 µs, once the NakCnt for that queue head has elapsed (I have the NakCnt RL field set to 1), before restarting the asynchronous schedule.


This is all correct as per the EHCI specification, but the Mass-Storage Class device I'm trying to use STALLs the IN endpoint during the status stage of a write command and I want to slow down the IN polling so see if that helps, because my Windows 10 PC, which works fine, only polls the endpoint every 25 µs.


Is there any way to change the AsyncSchedSleepTime to a period other than 10 µs?