James Kimble

M5485EVB Running Linux 2.6.25: Any Freescaler, CAN Locks OS!

Discussion created by James Kimble on Feb 26, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2009 by Tom Thompson

Running the 2.6.25 kernel on the M5485EVB board, following the instructions from the "Getting Started", area of the BSP install.


I can bring both CAN's up with ifconfig. However "cantest can0  123#DEADBEEF" locks the OS up tight. There are several of us having trouble with this (some posted some not). Is there anyone that can give us some insight into this issue. CAN's a pretty important means of communication in the embedded world so I would think this is just going to get more critical. I've fought the problem for a while on some custom hardware but I finally just went back to the evaluation board and, lo and behold, it's doing the same thing.


Any help much appreciated.